Autumn Days Farm
Home of NJ sheep shearer John Kohanski and family

Due to my health, I am now only shearing for those people who literaly just can not find anyone, and are in a jam. After 56 years my body just can not take the stress.

My family has had many adventures travelling throughout the North East shearing sheep, alpacas, lamas and even a camel. We have met some great people, and I say thank you all.

I can recomnded the following shearers, who I use for my own sheep.

Sheep Shearing Service & Comb/Cutter sharpening

Shearing Service: I will shear, clip the hoofs(check for hoof rot), worm (you supply wormer) and vaccinate(from your supply). I will also do tail docking, and castrating if you need it, or help you out in doing it.

My general rate is $50.00 for Farm visit, and $20.00 per sheep. I provide a discount to rescue operatons, and 4-H club members. If you are located more than 50 miles from my home, then I may have to charge more. Call me to discuss options on this, as I am felxible.

Alpacas and Lamas are $50.00 per head.

Comb and cutter sharpening: $2.00 a comb, $1.50 per cutter. If you provide me with a dirty comb or cutter I will chage $2.00 extra for cleaning them. 

Return shipping will be charged as follows: For any number of comb/cutters or blades under 4.5 lbs the set cost is $7.00. If the weight is more, then contact me so we can find the best rate.