Autumn Days Farm
Home of NJ sheep shearer John Kohanski and family

Due to my health, I am now only shearing for those people who literaly just can not find anyone, and are in a jam. After 56 years my body just can not take the stress.

My family has had many adventures travelling throughout the North East shearing sheep, alpacas, lamas and even a camel. We have met some great people, and I say thank you all.

I can recomnded the following shearers, who I use for my own sheep.

About Us

The farm began life after my wife and I were married on October 23rd, 2000.  It is funny how two people can have so much in common and yet never know each other.  In our case my wife and I were both born and raised in the same area.  My wife living in Ringoes and myself in Raritan Township.  Both towns are only ten miles apart, and it was during a time when Hunterdon county still did not have a large population.  In fact I can remember well how my neighbors used to be cows and everybody seemed to take a day or two off school to bale hay or go deer hunting.  We both attended Hunterdon Central High School for 4 years, knew some of the same friends and yet neither of ever heard of each other.   As fate would have it, one day I helped a friend work on stock car which was keeping in an old farm barn.  This was when I met Joyce, our romanced blossemed, and then we were wed.

When the subject of where we wanted to live came up, Joyce told me it was always her dream to stay on the old family farm.  At this suggestion I coughed hard and looked at her like she had three heads.  The farm had not been worked in over 20 years and also had been neglected.  The house alone was built in the 1860's, when plumbing was an afterthought and the wireing was done by Tom Edison.  However growing up on a small gentalman farm myself, with a father who taught me how to fix anything, I caved in and said OK. It was at this moment that stock in Home Depot went up (People in the store ask me where things are and I can actually tell them). 


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